Reblog from 100% Katolikong Pinoy: Pastor Noe Dora — November 30, 2016

Reblog from 100% Katolikong Pinoy: Pastor Noe Dora

Noe Dora was born to a Protestant family in Cebu City. His father was a preacher, while his mother a deaconess of their church. Noe and his siblings grew up actively serving in their church. After earning a Bachelor’s degree in Theology, he served as a pastor for fifteen years. For fifteen years he also became a distinguished preacher and the founding president of Pure Gospel of Jesus Christ International Ministries.
But as Pastor Noe pursued his studies and research, he became more and more convinced that the truths he sought were found, not in his homegrown church, but in the Catholic Church. Eventually, out of his honesty and sincerity to the God of truth, he decided to leave his ministry and become a Catholic. Not surprisingly, his church-mates, especially his family, became upset and did everything to dissuade him from converting. But on October 5, 2007, he was baptized and confirmed as a Roman Catholic by Bishop Joselito Cortes, Auxiliary Bishop of Cebu.
After his conversion and baptism, came his Desert period. Estranged from his family and out of job, Bro. Noe lived in a small hut, planting and selling vegetables to support himself. During this “period of suffering”, he discovered the beauty and biblical soundness of praying the rosary. He also developed a deep relationship with the Blessed Virgin Mary, whom he spoke lengthily of during his talk and with much affection. This “desert of suffering” lasted for two years.
Despite the initial rejection, he continued visiting and persuading family and friends with oral and written proofs that he has found the true Church. In time, his entire family and several friends, including other pastors, decided to become Catholics too.
At present, Bro Noe is the head of the Association of Pastors converted to the Roman Catholic Church in the Philippines. He heads the Evangelization Ministry of the Oasis of Love Cebu, where he is one of the elders.

Answering Mr. Azarcon’s paganic birthday claims… — November 29, 2016

Answering Mr. Azarcon’s paganic birthday claims…

Is celebrating my birthday wrong simply because the Bible is silent about it?

Does it contain a verse that prohibits me of celebrating my gratefulness to God for giving me this life?

If when I will celebrate this birth of Christ, why am I wrong? Does it contain a verse that prohibits me of celebrating His birth?

“For to us a child is born, to us a son is given; and the government shall be upon his shoulder, and his name shall be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting  Father, Prince of Peace.” – Isaiah 9:6

Then, if and when my birthday coincides to the date of when the pagans celebrate their god, am I wrong of celebrating my birthday on the same day?

What really matter her? Is it the date or the reason of the celebration? Is the date become wrong simply because some pagan celebrates something on such date?

Oh, you may argue of why December 25 among all the dates? Of course, I don’t content that it should be 25. I can celebrate it whenever I like since the Bible doesn’t specify when.  I just celebrate it in December season because it is best to celebrate when you are many. Try celebrating when you are alone. But you can still celebrate it any date, and you are not wrong for doing that. 

If you argue of paganic origin, then come to think of understanding that pagans do have funeral rites, marriage ceremonies, money, days and months, and other things. Why not also REJECT ALL THE THINGS to BE CONSISTENT?

Dear Mr. Azarcon,

From your sentence, it seems you agree that birthday is paganic am I? But why still insist our celebration as paganic and not in the Bible. I saw your post also telling Mass is not Christian because it was not written but still you want to celebrate a paganic celebration which is birthday… About rites, how can you say some rites are paganic? If Jesus is the center of the rite, paganic rin ba? So, mali po si St. Paul sa sulat nya sa 2nd letter to Thessalonians

2 Thessalonians 2:14(DRB)

“14 – Therefore, brethren, stand fast; and hold the traditions which you have learned, whether by word, or by our epistle. “

Di ba po ayaw nyo po ng traditions? Kasi pagan sabi ni Jesus sa Matthew 7, tama ba ako?

I challenge you to answer my questions, brethren.

Yours truly,

Bro. Joseph Andrew Espinosa



Dear Sir Ferdie,

In defense with Catholicism… I will defend my faith.

There are Catholics who are discrimating any religion esp. in Greece where Ustazi is very very rampant or any Catholic radicals. And some of the Catholics doesn’t discriminate  other relgion including me. And why also those atheists are discrimating “religiots” and sometimes radical esp. during Pope Ben(XVI)’s reign as a Pope? Is that just okay? Is that not discrimating the religion of others or your fellow atheists na may konting moral po? 

Please enlighten me with that… In Jesus name, God bless you po!

If Bruce Lee is still alive… —

If Bruce Lee is still alive…

So how many 70s-90s kids will think if Bruce Lee is still alive, what should his future? Well, you have your own views and I got mine…

1. Bruce may compete with MMA star Royce Gracie

Stiking versus grappling… A good fight for us MMA fanatics we saw on the cage. Bruce has a lot of 1 second punch and kick versus Gracies’ powerful restraining lock. But if so… He was old during Royce’s limelight.

2. He may bring James Bond franchise down

During 70’s we saw also James Bond movies that has Karate scenes. Well, but that was really bastardized one. Lol! But in Enter the Dragon he was a secret agent by CIA to join the tournament. And yes, he can be sexier than Roger Moore or Sean Connery.

3. He can be a good partner or villain in a Steven Seagal film

Steven Seagal is one of our childhood heroes who can throw a 700 lbs. Sumo wrestler by Kote-gaishi(a lock to restrain the wrist and that’s ouch!). Imagine if two legends cross in the movies? Bad ass blockbuster indeed!

4. He can complete his system

He taught us fundamentals of Jeet-Kune Do but still it is not enough because he didn’t finished the advance techniques. So, every student of him esp. Sifu Innosanto has their own approach of JKD.

5. Bruce may have twitter and facebook… But he is the one who is operating it! 😂😅

Refuting Pastor Azarcon’s “Mass is not God’s Activity” which di nya sinagot! — November 26, 2016

Refuting Pastor Azarcon’s “Mass is not God’s Activity” which di nya sinagot!

Dear Mr. Dan Azarcon,

Please tell us the reason why Jesus or even Apostle Paul did not conducted the Mass. It doesn’t mean wala ang word sa Bible ay wala nga talaga. We read from the Bible about how Paul did not only remember how Jesus did the transubstantation from bread and wine to Body and Blood but he also live with it. 

1 Cor. 11:28-29

 “[28] But let a man prove himself: and so let him eat of that bread, and drink of the chalice. [29] For he that eateth and drinketh unworthily, eateth and drinketh judgment to himself, not discerning the body of the Lord. “
So Brother Dan, I am waiting for your reply in this accusations of yours that I have explained further.

God bless!

Refuting lies of a Cult of claiming Romans 16:16 as them — November 25, 2016

Refuting lies of a Cult of claiming Romans 16:16 as them

Myth:  Nakasaad po sa Biblia na ang tunay na simbahan ay ang Church of Christ at ito’y nakasaad sa Roma 16:16

Fact: Mali po. Sir, sa Greek po ang Church po ay “Ekklesia” at ito po ay isa lamang. Pero ang sinulat po ni Apostle Paul ay di po Ekklesia kundi “Ekklesiai” which is plural po ng church. 

Sa Vulgate po ni San Geromino eto nakasaad,

16] Salutate invicem in osculo sancto. Salutant vos omnes ecclesiae Christi. 

Ang singular po ng church sa Latin ay Ecclesia at hindi ecclesaie na ayon sa translation ni San Geronimo.

The First Marian apparition! (C) Churchpop — November 24, 2016

The First Marian apparition! (C) Churchpop

Our Lady of Guadalupe dates to 1531. Our Lady of Lourdes dates to 1858. Our Lady of Fátima dates to 1917.

The most popular Marian apparitions all occurred in the last few centuries, which, in the greater perspective of Church history, is fairly recent. But there was a whole other millennium and a half of Church history before that. Did Mary only start appearing to people recently?

Not at all! Amazingly, the first alleged Marian apparition dates all the way back to A.D. 40.

Yes, in the first century, just a few years after the Ascension of Jesus.

The story goes that the Apostle St. James the Greater was in modern-day Spain preaching the Gospel, but without great success. After a lot of work, he had only made a few converts, and he was beginning to lose heart. So, on October 12th, A.D. 40, he gathered a small group of his disciplines and started praying.

Suddenly, Mary miraculously appeared to them. She was standing on top of a pillar, surrounded by angels. She assured them that the people to whom they were preaching would eventually be converted and that their faith would be as strong as the pillar she was standing on. She instructed James to build a chapel in that spot, and she then vanished, leaving the pillar where it was, as well as a wooden image of herself atop the pillar where she had stood.


Origin of Species… An Epic fail! — November 23, 2016

Origin of Species… An Epic fail!

Myth: Charles Darwin was right. Men came from apes.

Fact: If science told us that shape shifting is just a myth… How about his theory? The Church told us about how God created Adam and Eve but it take years for God also to create them. I do agree to a one cell theory which all of the species came from one cell and of Religious theory but still it is a mystery of how men and animals came. We all know we have a purpose why God let us live.

In defense of “Latin was abolished by Vatican” during November 23, 1964 —

In defense of “Latin was abolished by Vatican” during November 23, 1964

Myth: Vatican abolished Latin as an official ĺanguage.

Fact: Vatican did not abolished Latin as a language. Rather, they put all the Sacraments and rituals into languages… Yes, venecular language. Long ago, The Mass is in Latin language… But now, we have the freedom to choose, the TLM Mass which give more importance to Latin, or the Mass formulated during Vatican II which is in venecular language.

In Defense of St. Scho against a popular “journo” — November 22, 2016

In Defense of St. Scho against a popular “journo”

I really appreciate St. Scho’s activism esp. about Martial Law. Why should Miss Mocha Uson want lil children to shut up during the burial of the famous dictator, Pres. Ferdinand E. Marcos? Are they not part of constitution, The Philippine Constitution, Miss Uson?