As Pirena(De Castro) will turn face in Enca… Allena’s(G. Garcia) son, Kalil, turns heel and willing to worship the “elder god” of Hatoria named Hagorn and goes to war with their ashtes. Allena came back from curse of being a turtle by her kambal diwa in her gem stone, Agua(J. Guitterez). And the world now is imbalance when Hagorn has the three gems Water, Earth, and Fire!

1. Allena will try to get the gem stones with the help of her gem’s kambal diwa, Agua.

2. Kalil will realize he is fighting for the wrong side of the planet.

3. The battle will stop until Hagorn and the gang dies.

4. We are expecting Aquil-Danaya kissing scene! (F*cking heartbreaking for me as a pasnea!)