Years ago there are urban legends told by people about the famous Filipino star… Hmmm… Some of them remained bullcrap to bandwagon fans…
TVJ’s  Rape Case 

Until now people stuck on this BS type of tale where TVJ with Richie the Horsie(RIP) raped a sexy star named Pepsi Paloma. Many invented the story about how they raped her and made them as rapists. Even the “Spolarium” was made mallace to prove TVJ criminality. But still no proof of Paloma’s rape case.
Rey Valera’s Double

Early 80’s Rey Valera became popular of his songs and so those evil minded people mess his named. He stopped showbiz on 1983 and during that time he prove his innocence and he came back 1987. 

Alice Dixon’s “snake in the pit” 

Alice Dixon was rumoured became the victim of a “snake in the pit” mall. Where the snakeman fallen for her. But after the decades of silence, she said, “No! That was never happened to me!”

Julie Vega’s Mysterious Death?

It was been said that Julie Vega was taken by an encanto or a territorial demon during  taping. Her family noted she was just overfatigue from school to taping to home and she had also no time for herself that’s why she died.
Many more about urban legends.. And that’s it for now…