Sick of hearing biases from the net? Yellowtards here… D-tards there!

Seeking the devil within them. Playing nasty and playing demonic… So how to handle these people?

I. Don’t engage any argument if you don’t know the argument

How many percent of bigots nowadays just plunge to the topic and never review because they want to prove their politician  is “nice”.

II. Avoid generalization

Don’t ever say all potatoes are rotten even those are not or telling all pigs are fat. Because their are cases that varries.

III. Stop arguing if he gives you death threat and don’t give a death threat to an arguer 

The moment of truth if they are pinned down… Don’t argue because it means you win an argument by making himself an argument seppoku.


IV. A troll is uneducated.. Block it like hell!

Such a waste of time to argue with them. They have no braincells but a stroke. Lol!