So how many 70s-90s kids will think if Bruce Lee is still alive, what should his future? Well, you have your own views and I got mine…

1. Bruce may compete with MMA star Royce Gracie

Stiking versus grappling… A good fight for us MMA fanatics we saw on the cage. Bruce has a lot of 1 second punch and kick versus Gracies’ powerful restraining lock. But if so… He was old during Royce’s limelight.

2. He may bring James Bond franchise down

During 70’s we saw also James Bond movies that has Karate scenes. Well, but that was really bastardized one. Lol! But in Enter the Dragon he was a secret agent by CIA to join the tournament. And yes, he can be sexier than Roger Moore or Sean Connery.

3. He can be a good partner or villain in a Steven Seagal film

Steven Seagal is one of our childhood heroes who can throw a 700 lbs. Sumo wrestler by Kote-gaishi(a lock to restrain the wrist and that’s ouch!). Imagine if two legends cross in the movies? Bad ass blockbuster indeed!

4. He can complete his system

He taught us fundamentals of Jeet-Kune Do but still it is not enough because he didn’t finished the advance techniques. So, every student of him esp. Sifu Innosanto has their own approach of JKD.

5. Bruce may have twitter and facebook… But he is the one who is operating it! 😂😅