Noe Dora was born to a Protestant family in Cebu City. His father was a preacher, while his mother a deaconess of their church. Noe and his siblings grew up actively serving in their church. After earning a Bachelor’s degree in Theology, he served as a pastor for fifteen years. For fifteen years he also became a distinguished preacher and the founding president of Pure Gospel of Jesus Christ International Ministries.
But as Pastor Noe pursued his studies and research, he became more and more convinced that the truths he sought were found, not in his homegrown church, but in the Catholic Church. Eventually, out of his honesty and sincerity to the God of truth, he decided to leave his ministry and become a Catholic. Not surprisingly, his church-mates, especially his family, became upset and did everything to dissuade him from converting. But on October 5, 2007, he was baptized and confirmed as a Roman Catholic by Bishop Joselito Cortes, Auxiliary Bishop of Cebu.
After his conversion and baptism, came his Desert period. Estranged from his family and out of job, Bro. Noe lived in a small hut, planting and selling vegetables to support himself. During this “period of suffering”, he discovered the beauty and biblical soundness of praying the rosary. He also developed a deep relationship with the Blessed Virgin Mary, whom he spoke lengthily of during his talk and with much affection. This “desert of suffering” lasted for two years.
Despite the initial rejection, he continued visiting and persuading family and friends with oral and written proofs that he has found the true Church. In time, his entire family and several friends, including other pastors, decided to become Catholics too.
At present, Bro Noe is the head of the Association of Pastors converted to the Roman Catholic Church in the Philippines. He heads the Evangelization Ministry of the Oasis of Love Cebu, where he is one of the elders.