Sino si Santa Klaus?  — November 22, 2016

Sino si Santa Klaus? 

Sino si Santa Klaus? Bakit nagbibigay sya ng regalo?
Si  San Nicholas nagbibigay ng mga regalo secretly nang pari sya at naging bishop sya ng Myra at nakasama pa sya sa Council of Nicea. It was now a tradition na magbigay ng regalo tuwing Pasko. Pero sa ibang Christian countries esp. sakop ng Eastern Catholicism, December 6 ito at sa pyesta nya.

Nakilala rin si San Nicholas sa pagsuntok sa erejeng si Bishop Arius ng Alexandria, ang taong di naniwala sa pagka Dios ni Jesus at sa paglitas ng mga babae sa mga brothels o bahay aliwan.

The Filipino Church is ready for Year of Parish — November 20, 2016

The Filipino Church is ready for Year of Parish

On July 9, 2016, during the morning session of the 113th CBCP Plenary Assembly, Bishop Jose Cabantan and Fr. Amado L. Picardal, CSsR presented the plans and proposal for the celebration of 2017 Year of Parish as Communion of Communities :

1. The CBCP will issue a A Pastoral Letter on 2017 as Year of Parish as Communion of Communities will be read on the 1st Sunday of Advent (Nov. 27, 2016) in the parish churches all over the Philippines

2. The launching of the Year of the Parish as Communion of Communities in Malaybalay City during the National Gathering of Diocesan BEC directors and coordinators on November 28-Dec 1, 2016)

3. At the beginning of the Year 2017, llanning at the diocesan and the parish levels re: formation, celebration and legacy project related to the year’s theme. (to be scheduled by respective dioceses and parishes).

4. Ongoing, year-long BEC evangelization/formation seminars in each parish at the grassroots/community/barangay levels that will reach out to the “un-churched”, nominal and alienated Catholics.

5. Implementation of whatever plans/recommendations the various episcopal commissions come up with in relation to the parish/BECs and their particular concerns which may be included also in their scheduled annual conference, example:

ECL – Liturgy in parish/BECs; ECBA – Bible Apostolate in BECs; ECFL – Family & Life in BECs; NASSA – Social Action in parish/BECs; ECCE – Catechetics/Christian Education and BECs; ECY – Youth in BECs; ECLA – Lay Movements & Associations re BECs;

6. Simultaneous nationwide celebration of the Year of Parish as Communion of Communities in all the parishes all over the Philippines on Trinity Sunday. This is a whole day event in the parish which gathers together all the BECs and also other faith-communities. It can be celebrated on either Saturday which ends with an anticipated Mass or on Sunday which begins with the Mass. There will be talks about the theme, sharing of experiences/testimony, agape/fellowship meal, programs and cultural presentations.

7. Diocesan BEC assembly (before or after the parish level celebration)

8. National Gathering of Diocesan BEC Directors and Coordinators – culmination of the Year of Communion of Communities and planning for the BEC National Assembly.


Is hacking a computer system really bad? —

Is hacking a computer system really bad?

Well, we have always in our minds… “Basta hacking, panggiba yan ng system”, et. al.
But we forget also hacking can be good esp. if the internet is a slow poke on your country?

Korean computer owners give a time and money on their “white hat hackers” from Philippines to Korea to have more faster speed to their internet business here in the Philippines. 

Meanwhile, Mr. Riyoh’s scare tactic to hack somebody’s facebook account esp. Dilawans… is PUNISHABLE BY LAW! Remeber, we have Cyber Crime Law and we can jail him if he will do it! We have evidence to take him down!

Why we should celebrate “Cristo Rey”? Or Christ The King? — November 16, 2016

Why we should celebrate “Cristo Rey”? Or Christ The King?

We celebrate Cristo Rey or the Feast of Christ the King because we as firstborn Christians(Yes, because Catholics are firstborn Christians ) know that Jesus Christ reigns the world and this universe. We also believe that He will come again to judge us according to what we have done. 

Protestants like Lutheran, Anglicans, and even the neo-Protestants also celebrates this but unlike Catholics that we are worshipping a Living Christ not the “imagenary” one. 

It is also called as The New Year of the  Church because it is the first day of another liturgical year and the first day of the season of Advent or the coming of the Word became Flesh and Dwell among us, the Emmanuel, Jesus Christ.
Photo: Catholic Fortress

NOW WE KNOW: Arsenic Acid discovered by a Saint… Print screen from Don Pedro — November 15, 2016
Why we should not  listen to people who are politically bigot?  — November 14, 2016

Why we should not  listen to people who are politically bigot? 

Sick of hearing biases from the net? Yellowtards here… D-tards there!

Seeking the devil within them. Playing nasty and playing demonic… So how to handle these people?

I. Don’t engage any argument if you don’t know the argument

How many percent of bigots nowadays just plunge to the topic and never review because they want to prove their politician  is “nice”.

II. Avoid generalization

Don’t ever say all potatoes are rotten even those are not or telling all pigs are fat. Because their are cases that varries.

III. Stop arguing if he gives you death threat and don’t give a death threat to an arguer 

The moment of truth if they are pinned down… Don’t argue because it means you win an argument by making himself an argument seppoku.


IV. A troll is uneducated.. Block it like hell!

Such a waste of time to argue with them. They have no braincells but a stroke. Lol!

Why should not post our I.D.’s on Facebook? — November 13, 2016

Why should not post our I.D.’s on Facebook?

Social media is an openware and it can access by any people in the world. When you post something it will appear publicly. Even your I.D. cards you posted on Facebook and it can trigger hackers and criminals to make advantage of your identity.
How to make myself secure with my identity esp. Facebook?

Of course we should not post anything about our “newly” release I.D, or even certificates(birth,et. all.) to avoid yourself being an advantage to people who are, yes, advantageous esp. criminals.

Tell me tales! Urban legends of yesteryears… —

Tell me tales! Urban legends of yesteryears…

Years ago there are urban legends told by people about the famous Filipino star… Hmmm… Some of them remained bullcrap to bandwagon fans…
TVJ’s  Rape Case 

Until now people stuck on this BS type of tale where TVJ with Richie the Horsie(RIP) raped a sexy star named Pepsi Paloma. Many invented the story about how they raped her and made them as rapists. Even the “Spolarium” was made mallace to prove TVJ criminality. But still no proof of Paloma’s rape case.
Rey Valera’s Double

Early 80’s Rey Valera became popular of his songs and so those evil minded people mess his named. He stopped showbiz on 1983 and during that time he prove his innocence and he came back 1987. 

Alice Dixon’s “snake in the pit” 

Alice Dixon was rumoured became the victim of a “snake in the pit” mall. Where the snakeman fallen for her. But after the decades of silence, she said, “No! That was never happened to me!”

Julie Vega’s Mysterious Death?

It was been said that Julie Vega was taken by an encanto or a territorial demon during  taping. Her family noted she was just overfatigue from school to taping to home and she had also no time for herself that’s why she died.
Many more about urban legends.. And that’s it for now…

Expectations to Enca Multiverse —

Expectations to Enca Multiverse

As Pirena(De Castro) will turn face in Enca… Allena’s(G. Garcia) son, Kalil, turns heel and willing to worship the “elder god” of Hatoria named Hagorn and goes to war with their ashtes. Allena came back from curse of being a turtle by her kambal diwa in her gem stone, Agua(J. Guitterez). And the world now is imbalance when Hagorn has the three gems Water, Earth, and Fire!

1. Allena will try to get the gem stones with the help of her gem’s kambal diwa, Agua.

2. Kalil will realize he is fighting for the wrong side of the planet.

3. The battle will stop until Hagorn and the gang dies.

4. We are expecting Aquil-Danaya kissing scene! (F*cking heartbreaking for me as a pasnea!)