I am fan of inquisition of how they burn heretics… But there are lapses esp. yung mga pinatay nila naging santo pa tulad ni St. Joan of Arc. 

Why we oppose death penalty? Because every life matters. As what Fr. Saguinsin also said even the devilish people like Hitler has the right to live,

“What about the drug pusher and child abuser? What about the swindler who steals the resources of the poor, the widows and the orphans? What about tyrrants like Hitler and Stalin? All these people have unalienable human worth that precedes the good or the evil they may done.”

God, the Creator, created us equally and just. And yes, may mga cases na 21 years na kasohan na uwi sa “not guilty”. To wrap up the article, there are questions we should answer, should we kill prisoners  or criminals for the sake of the law? Is the justice system fix? And are all criminals really committed a crime?