I woke up in the Morning and my friends in the community notice about Hua Ming’s war against the Bacolod Diocese. 

 Now, we formulated an analysis:

1. ang parish, indi pag himuon chapel then, (the chapel can be no  more a parish}

2. ang diocese ma manage sang church indi ang Board of Trustees (The Diocese manages the church not the Board of “Trustees” who thinks that they are bishops themselves to decide about Church matters) 
3. next ang real legacy ka Fil Chinese community indi ang Queen of Peace church kundi ang chinese temple sa shopping(The Fil Chinese legacy is about Chinese temple not the Queen of Peace parish).

4. If the Bishop has spoken that it will retain as parish then no one shall protest. The bishop knows what is good for the flock but not for the businessmen who will make the church as their investment.

5. Businessmen will be running the Church thus making it a money making asset. It is a form of evil and selfishness

6. The vision of the founding fathers Msgr Liu and Su has been twisted by the board, it could be that theor souls are crying because of the troubling issues in the school and the church.

7. If the alumni wants a chinese mass for the Fil Chinese community then it will not welcome other people from different cultures for the Church is made for everyone rich or poor.

8. Over inculturation (chinese culture over doctrine) will compromise the true faith. Since chinese culture has a lot of superstitious beliefs.

9. The arrogance and disobedience of BOT is a sign of weakness coz they cannot take the parish at their own hands.


, also are those who want the parish to be excluded in the Diocese nagsisimba ba dun? We are looking forward that Bishop Buzon will take this better. And I hope no blood stains and games of thrones.