Dan Davy :I am not in the business of mocking people but I believe I have the responsiblity to expose the heresy and defend the sound teaching of Jesus.

Since they deleted the video, all I can say, based in the Bible that:

1. Necromancy is an abomination to God. All talking to dead people is a form of withcraft and mediums are demonic.

2. The unsaved soul of a dead person can never be saved. Salvation can only be received when a person is alive.

3. The soul of a dead person never wanders everywhere but God has a place for them to stay while waiting for the Great White Throne Judgement, hell.

This is what G12 is doing to christian churches. It is now infiltrating the west section of AG in Cebu. Please let us be aware that the Bible alond is the final authority of our faith and practices. 

Any people contradicting it are considered false prophets and are teaching heresies. 

Stay away from them. Pray for them. Exegesis and sound biblical teaching. 

God bless.

Me: Eto naman tayo huo… Rev. 8:4(KJV) “And the smoke of the incense, which came with the prayers of the saints, ascended up before God out of the angel’s hand.” So are these saints physically living? 

Hindi naman tanga yung Santo Papa na basta na lang sya mag announce na santo si Tal Pulano o sinoman. We can direct our prayers to God but we need also help from those in heaven coz they followed Christ and if possible we must learn how to be Christian by their acts and apply it.(Hebrew 13:7)