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Pastor Apollo Quiboloy told in his TV channel that the Holy Trinity was an invention of Pope Athanasius. He called the Pope Saint as evil an by the devil. The other thing is Quibs also point out that the Trinity was to unite the pagans to the Christians during an Roman Emperor’s Era(We assume Constantine again!). 

1. How can Pastor Quibs said that Athanasius is an evil person? Is he there when Pope Athanasius reigns? Or he was just bragging his throne he is the Appointed One.

2. How can Pastor Quibs told that it was an invention of man? His statement was so arguing himself. From Athanasius then to a Roman Emperor. I thought Athanasius was the inventor but another story appeared that it is to unite the pagans and Christians. 

3. If the Church inventing evil things like what Eli told that Rosary is evil. So, which “Bible based” people tells the truth? Is it Quibs? Is it Eli? Is it Mohammad? Or Felix? And so on. 

We conclude this blog with Bible verses to prove that it was not Athanasius who said that God is powered by Three Person… 

John 10:30(DRB)  I and the Father are one.

St. John also said that God has Three Persons.. 

1 John 5:7(DRB) And there are three who give testimony in heaven, the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost. And these three are one.

Although no “Trinity” here but there are clues why the Council of Nicaea I called it “Holy Trinity”.