Si Khenny, Ang Akon Maestra!(Khenny is my Teacher) — April 8, 2017

Si Khenny, Ang Akon Maestra!(Khenny is my Teacher)



Ngaa kagwapa sa imo?(Why so beautiful?)

Ano bala nga spark sa aton?(What is this spark for us?)

Gusto ta ka mahalokan(I wanna kiss you)

Sa klasrom,(In classroom,)

Sa balay namon,(In our house,)

Sa balay ninyo…(In your house…)



Pagpalangga na bala ini?(Is this love?)

Okon, isa lang ka abi-abi?(Or, is it an illusion?)

Na maging kita sa hulihi(That we are meant to be in the end)


Ako…(I am…)

Estudyante mo lang…(Your student only…)




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Poem: This Woman 3 — February 28, 2017

Poem: This Woman 3

I should marry you

Let us be united with God above!

And after that we should make a family

Educate them and them grow

In our older days, I wanna be with you still

And I don’t care if that body of yours became deformed

My heart sees sexy on your inner beauty!

My dear love!

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